Local 741 - City of L.A. Recreation Assistants & Instructors


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by Olivia Sandbothe

Low-wage workers in certain federally funded jobs will see a much-needed pay increase, thanks to President Obama.

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As of April 16, 2013:

In an effort to bring encouragement and incentive in the form of recognition and appreciation (not given by the city) for life services in their work, and in order to promote a closer unity of association, AFSCME local 741 has resolved to honor 1 Director or Coordinator from local 901 each year. Read more >>>

Welcome to our local 741 webpage.  We are Recreation Assistants and Instructors for the City of Los Angeles.

Welcome to AFSCME local 741

Hi.  We are aproximately 2300 Recreation Assistants, Instructors, and Art Instrutors working at more than 300 city park sites in Los Angeles.

President:                                 Judy West

Vice President:                        Novell Thompson

Treasurer:                                James Tracy

Recording Secretary:              Patricia Robinson

This website contains much continually updated information concerning AFSCME International, So Cal Council 36, as well as our own local 741.  Please log on in the upper right corner to view all the exciting news & activities available.

Not yet a member?  Then you're an agency-fee-payer in the dark!   You are already contributing towards membership, so you might as well officially become one and receive our latest contract with the city, a pocket calander/organizer and regular mailings of news items, important information and updates .  You will be able to participate in officer elections, help in decisions, attend conferences, and most of all let the City of L.A. know that we are a strong force to be reckoned with.  Just contact us and fill out a purple card.

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